Tackling infections novel technologies mini sandpit

As part of a suite of activities, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is supporting a novel technologies mini sandpit to bring in new, disruptive approaches to tackling infections. Complementing the work of the flagship AMR and epidemic preparedness programmes the sandpit would look to pump-prime radical new approaches to tackling infections engaging new communities and capabilities with the challenge.

UKRI is seeking a host for a £1.5 million mini sandpit (or sandpits) to bring new research communities together and fund feasibility studies (£50,000 to £150,000) to test disruptive approaches to tackling infections.

The host must be a UKRI Strategic Institute, network or existing investment with the connections and convening power to stimulate new thinking and bring a diverse set of groups together to spark disruptive ideas with the potential to have a transformative impact. The funding would be open to all UKRI remits with a focus on stimulating new interdisciplinary activity.

Eligibility: You can only apply for this funding opportunity if you are the project lead or project co-lead for an existing UKRI strategic institute, network or investment with funding until at least 30 September 2025. If you are not the project lead you will need the full support of the project lead before applying.

Level of funding: You can request up to £1.5 million (80% FEC) (this would be £1.875 million at 100% FEC). Funding will be added to the successful host grant. You can request funding for:

  • a contribution to the salary of the project lead and project co-lead
  • costs associated with running the sandpit events
  • funding for the feasibility studies which could include:
    • support for posts such as research and technical
    • research consumables
    • equipment under £10,000
    • travel costs
    • data preservation, data sharing and dissemination costs
    • estates and indirect costs

Additional information: This opportunity is part of the UKRI Tackling Infections strategic theme.

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