UKCDR’s vision is to accelerate global development through the power of research and knowledge. To achieve this, we act as a generator and repository of good practice. Explore our resource hubs to discover resources that encourage best practice and mutual learning across the research for development sector. We currently have dedicated resource hubs on the following three topics: 

Our work on equitable partnerships

The topic of equity in research has become increasingly important in research for development in recent years.  Many funders and academic institutions acknowledge that cross-regional research partnerships improve the focus and quality of research, and that greater alignment with the national and local development priorities of low- and middle-income countries enhances the impact of their work. At the same time, the
clear benefits that derive from equitable research partnerships and the localisation of development are also helping to change the power imbalances that characterise the contemporary global research ecosystem. Nonetheless, there is still significant progress to be made to embed equitable partnerships across our sector. 

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Our work on RCS

Research capacity strengthening –  a process that enables countries to shape and sustain their own long-term research development and impact – is a key area of investment for the UK. UKCDR aims to increase the visibility of these investments to help identify gaps and opportunities for better coordination. 

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Our work on safeguarding

Safeguarding is a high priority among UK funders following allegations of misconduct in the aid sector. Our work demonstrates a strong commitment by research funders to play a leadership role in setting a clear tone and high expectations around safeguarding in international development research, and to ensure harmonisation of safeguarding practices across the sector.

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