What is MODARI? 

UKCDR is leading a project working to improve the availability and consistency of data on ODA-funded research and innovation across UK government funders and implementing partners.


MODARI has three specific areas of focus:

  1. ODA funding calls (browse the UK ODA Funding Overview here for signposting to funders’ websites, and the Funding Calls page here to find a selection of specific funding opportunities)
  2. ODAfunded projects (click on the Data Tool tab to explore the dashboard of UK ODA R&I activities)
  3. Results of ODA-funded projects (work commencing in 2024)

Why are we working on this?

UKCDR has delivered several analyses on ODA-funded research and innovation, for example, UK ODA and Wellcome-funded research capacity strengthening in LMICs. We understand the challenges and opportunities associated with cross-funder datasets perhaps better than any other organisation. We strongly believe that timely, reliable data are key for a coherent, impactful approach to funding development research.


Active ODA-funded projects

To ensure that data can be collated across organisations and made accessible to a wide range of stakeholders, we have built on funders’ existing IT systems and ODA reporting processes. This has involved agreeing common information to collect and coordinating regular updates to a database of ODA projects. The data fields were chosen to balance range of potential portfolio analyses with data collection feasibility across organisations. 

We are encouraging stakeholders to use this tool, as it makes it possible to view cross-government ODA portfolios in a single place, allowing for quicker country/thematic analyses and for use of this data in ODA planning. Iterative improvements to data coverage will continue and we welcome feedback on improvements to this page. Please email us at modari@ukcdr.org.uk if you have any suggestions.