Changing Policy and Practice Award

The Medical Research Foundation is inviting MRC and Foundation-funded researchers to apply for the Changing Policy and Practice Award. The aim of this award is to support the dissemination of medical research beyond the scientific peer reviewed press, with the aim of influencing healthcare and behaviour.

In this context, dissemination goes beyond making research results available through the traditional vehicles of journal publications and academic conference presentations. The award will involve communicating a key message to a specific target audience intended to benefit from the research. This could include patients, healthcare practitioners and policy-makers, or specific groups within the general public. The dissemination plan should encourage the target group to act upon the outcomes of the research results, creating positive changes in behaviour, practice or policy.

Applications are welcomed from researchers whose findings have the potential to inform and influence healthcare policy or practice, improve patient care, or to change patient and public behaviour and opinion. All areas of medical research will be considered in this funding competition and applications can focus on any specific target group outside of the scientific press.

Eligibility: This competition will run twice a year and is open to MRC and Foundation-funded grant and fellowship holders based at eligible institutions, as well as MRC-funded and MRC core-funded researchers in MRC research institutes, units and centres. To be eligible, the MRC or Foundation funding supporting the research should be within one-year prior to termination or within two years post-termination of grant. Applicants must hold a PhD, DPhil or MD. The specific research finding they propose to disseminate must have been published in a peer reviewed journal prior to applying to the scheme and must have been funded by their MRC or Medical Research Foundation grant.

Level of funding: Support for this funding competition comes from the Fleming Memorial Fund for Medical Research, which was established in 1959 in memory of Sir Alexander Fleming. Applicants may apply for up to £30,000 over a flexible time period, typically across one year.

Additional information: Please note applicants who previously applied but were not successful may not re-apply unless invited by the Expert Review Panel. 

Key dates

  • 06 December 2023: deadline for expression of interest closes at 12:00 pm BST
  • 08 February 2024 : full applications close at 12:00 pm BST
  • March 2024: funding decision made

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