Global Health Policy and Systems Research (HPSR) Projects Call 2

The Global HPSR Programme funds research to improve access to appropriate and affordable health services in ODA-eligible countries on the DAC list, aligned with the aims of Universal Health Coverage and Sustainable Development Goal 3. This is achieved through development of equitable partnerships between LMIC and UK research institutions where relevant, engagement of stakeholders to identify and address priorities for research in health policy and health systems, and by supporting capacity strengthening and knowledge sharing.

The programme aims to support applied research to strengthen health policy and health systems through:

  • high quality research on health policy, health services and health systems which improves outcomes for the most vulnerable people in LMICs and addresses issues of health equity
  • addressing applied health policy and systems research questions which target challenges or evidence gaps prioritised by local stakeholders and policymakers
  • supporting equitable partnerships and networks between researchers to generate new research knowledge and evidence
  • involvement and engagement with policymakers, communities, patients and the public, and civil society organisations throughout the research lifecycle
  • delivering evidence to inform policy and/or practice, for example through engaging with policymakers and informing local, regional or national strategies
  • capacity strengthening plans for individuals and institutions in LMICs which are proportionate and relevant to the delivery of the proposed activities
  • including appropriate project management and financial/administrative support
  • supporting career development for research leaders of the future, i.e. by giving less experienced researchers in LMICs the opportunity to lead or jointly lead on the research proposal with effective mentoring and appropriate support

Eligibility: To be eligible to receive NIHR Global HPSR funding, applications must demonstrate how they meet ODA compliance criteria and outline:

  • which country or countries on the OECD DAC list of ODA-eligible countries will directly benefit
  • how the application is directly and primarily relevant to the development challenges of those countries
  • how the outcomes will promote the health and welfare of people in a country or countries on the OECD DAC list

Where some elements of the research are not undertaken in an ODA-eligible country during the course of the award (including where a country may graduate from the DAC list during the lifetime of the award or there is a need for specialist expertise) the application must clearly state the reasons for this with due consideration to the benefit of the research to ODA-eligible countries.

Level of funding: from £250,000 up to £800,000 for up to 3 years

Key dates

  • 19 June 2024: applications close at 13:00 BST

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