Mental Health Award: applying neuroscience to understand symptoms in anxiety, depression and psychosis

This award will fund innovative projects that combine computational and experimental neuroscience approaches to improve understanding of symptoms of anxiety, depression and psychosis.

Projects must address the following research priority:

  • A focus on understanding the development, maintenance or resolution of one or more symptoms associated with anxiety, depression and/or psychosis. 

Researchers must take a symptom-based approach rather than looking solely at diagnostic categories and are required to provide:

  • Evidence that the one or more symptoms chosen are a core feature of anxiety, depression and/or psychosis (broadly defined; the one or more symptoms chosen may be transdiagnostic or specific to one mental health problem). 
  • A brief explanation of why the one or more symptoms chosen are important for people with lived experience of anxiety, depression and/or psychosis. This could be evidenced through existing qualitative literature and/or focus groups as part of project development. 

Eligibility: You can apply to this call if you are a team of researchers: 

Level of funding: £2-5 million will be provided per project team for a duration of three to five years

Key dates

  • 14 May 2024: information webinar
  • 09 July 2024: scope check deadline
  • 23 July 2024: deadline for applications at 17:00 BST

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