ISPF International Collaboration Awards

The ISPF International Collaboration Awards provide funding to enable outstanding emerging research leaders in the UK to develop research collaborations with international partners. The grants are open to newly independent researchers building their own group, who are ready to lead and drive the research vision of an international research programme

The objectives of the scheme are to:

  • Support the development of sustainable and mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships and the growth of international research networks
  • Enable newly independent researchers to generate new approaches to challenging research questions
  • Build the capabilities of newly independent researchers and their groups to conduct, manage, share and apply high quality research through sharing of knowledge, skills and exchange of people

This scheme is currently available to collaborate with international partners in: 

  • Japan
  • South Korea – co-funding with the National Research Foundation of Korea 
  • Brazil (plus Least Developed Countries) – ODA-eligible projects
  • South Africa (plus Least Developed Countries) – ODA-eligible projects

Eligibility: This scheme is for you if: 

  • You are a newly independent UK-based researcher building your own research group
  • You have a newly independent collaborator based overseas building their own research group in a country covered by the call
  • You each hold a permanent or fixed term independent academic research post, or named independent research fellowship, for the duration of the grant
  • You have a co-developed research proposal
  • Your research is within the Royal Society’s remit of natural sciences, which includes but is not limited to biological research and biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, mathematics and physics. For a full list, please see the breakdown of subject groups and areas supported by the Royal Society. 

Applications for partnership with Brazil or South Africa must focus on ODA-eligible research.

Level of funding: Applications can apply to the Royal Society for up to £225,000 over three years (£75,000 per year). ODA-eligible applications which include Least Developed Countries can apply for additional funding. Applications with South Korea can apply for additional funding for the Korean side of up to 360 Mil. (120 Mil. per year) South Korean Won (KRW) from NRF.

Key dates

  • 19 October 2023: applications close for Japan, Brazil and South Africa collaborations
  • 25 April 2024: applications close for South Korea collaboration projects

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