FAPESP and UKRI (MRC) artificial intelligence (AI) for health

This funding opportunity allows UK-based researchers and researchers in the state of São Paulo, Brazil to jointly apply for funding to support research projects addressing artificial intelligence (AI) for biomedical and health applications that are relevant to Brazil.

The aims and objective of this funding opportunity is to deliver significant three-year research funding for internationally competitive and innovative collaborative partnerships between researchers from state of São Paulo and the UK to enable the pursuit of shared research interests.

Collaborations should leverage the strengths of researchers in both countries to address key areas of biomedical and health research interests, including one or more of the following:

  • using AI to generate new medical research and human health insights that will:
    • further our understanding of disease and determinants of health including socioeconomic factors
    • improve disease prediction and diagnosis, thinking beyond incremental optimisation of current systems
  • application of AI that were:
    • developed for a different purpose to be applied in a health context
    • developed with a focus on a different nation and could now be applied in a Brazilian context to improve health research and health outcomes in Brazil
  • management and improvement of health data (including addressing limitations of AI when dealing with incomplete or small health data sets and consideration of ethical issues)
  • imputation of data and analyses

Eligibility: All proposals must be compliant with Official Development (ODA) funding rules. To apply to the MRC for this funding, researchers must meet the UKRI eligibility criteria including:

For full details, visit Eligibility as an individual.

Researchers eligible for FAPESP funding under the scope of this Call must be employees of public or private Higher Education or Research Institutions in the State of São Paulo and must meet the FAPESP eligibility requirements for the Regular Research or Thematic Research Grants, with the exceptions herein stated regarding funding and duration.

Level of funding: Both MRC and FAPESP will make up to £3 million of funding available for this initiative and grant sizes will vary according to the needs of each partnership.

Additional information: Click here to view the FAPESP application page and for further details on the call

Key dates

  • 28 June 2024: applications close at 3:59 a.m. UK time

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