Consultancy: Translational research in Malaysia and Indonesia

The British Council is inviting UK universities, research institutions and consultants to submit proposals for a scoping project aimed at addressing the evolving landscape of translational research in Malaysia and Indonesia, as part of the International Science Partnerships Fund (ISPF).

The project seeks to identify opportunities, challenges, and best practices in translating research into practical applications in Malaysia and Indonesia. A comprehensive baseline analysis and scoping research will be conducted to understand the current landscape of translational research, evaluate supporting policies, profile stakeholders, and identify capacity gaps. Recommendations and strategies will be developed for capacity development in translational research partnerships, focusing on Malaysia, Indonesia, and the UK.

Eligibility: The British Council is seeking a single lead UK Consultant to oversee the project, collaborating with local consultants in Malaysia and Indonesia. The primary consultant will conduct research, provide recommendations, facilitate result dissemination, and contribute to program design for capacity strengthening initiatives.

Key dates

  • 10 May 2024: applications close at 23:59 BST

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