Catalyst funding for pump-priming projects

Catalyst funding for pump-priming projects is available to support collaborations between University of Birmingham’s BactiVac Network members in bacterial vaccinology to explore new approaches and strategies to advance their vaccines in partnership with LMICs and industry, and acquire the data to support substantive funding applications.

Applications that are LMIC led and/or involve LMIC co-applicants, industry led and/or involve
industry co-applicants, Early Career Researcher (ECR) led and/or involve ECR co-applicants
are particularly encouraged. BactiVac is keen to receive applications for catalyst funding
from members not funded in previous rounds of pump-priming awards

This catalyst funding scheme prioritises projects that:

  • Facilitate onward progression of bacterial vaccines along the pipeline to licensure
  • Offer robust solutions to overcome the difficult preclinical to clinical transition
  • Advance the ability to tackle the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
  • Involve BactiVac partnerships, particularly new partnerships, with a long-term work plan
  • Include LMICs and/or industrial partners
  • Demonstrate a clear pathway to impact
  • Have realistic plans in place to demonstrate intellectual property (IP) has been considered
  • Include plans for achieving further substantive funding at the end of the project

Eligibility: Membership of the BactiVac Network is a prerequisite when applying for these funds, with at least one member of the partnership being based in the UK (for free membership apply here).

Level of funding: The catalyst funds are flexible, typically up to £50,000 and expect to provide deliverables within 6 months post-award. 

Additional information: The Development Assistance Committee (DAC) list of Official Development Assistance (ODA) eligible countries can be found here; all LMIC countries that are
appear on this list are considered to be ODA eligible. The list of LMIC countries is subject to updates by the OECD.

Key dates

  • 03 March 2024: applications close at 23:59 pm GMT
  • 28 June 2024: notification of funding
  • 01 July 2024: funding available
  • 01 August 2024: project start

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