AI for Humanitarians: Shaping future innovation

Elrha will be hosting a 6-month guided learning journey in 2024. Up to 10 grantees will form a cohort, taking a problem-led approach to collaboratively explore AI opportunities and risksshaping the future of humanitarian AI.

The grantees will be guided through a curriculum building their knowledge in the field of AI, take part in group discussions and hands-on exercises trialing AI tools, hear from guest speakers and experts from the field to provide real-world insights in best and next practice, as well receive one-on-one support from mentors. 

Grantees will: 

  • Develop their voice on, and deepen their understanding of, the potential of AI for their own work, crafting a concept note to guide ongoing activity and spark new initiatives. 
  • Contribute real-time feedback on the learning journey curriculum, supporting the creation of an open access tool for other humanitarian actors. 
  • Build connections with practitioners, innovators and funders from across the humanitarian system, and together, make collective recommendations to decision-makers. 

Eligibility: Elrha is seeking practitioners that have a deep understanding of the humanitarian problem they would like to explore and who know enough about the basics of AI and technology that they think AI could be and effective intervention to the problem. They should have experience of supporting or working with humanitarian communities in crisis. Practitioners with a connection to countries receiving official development assistance and in particular crisis affected countries are preferred.

Level of funding: £25,000 per grantee for up to 10 grantees. Final funding awarded will be based on the budget submitted as part of the final proposal.

Key dates

  • 22 January 2024: applications close at 15:59 p.m. GMT

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